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About Us

We are locally owned and operated which makes our customer service crucial to the continued success of our business. We're friendly and helpful.

  • Professional Service: Ensuring that we give our best service to our clients. 
  • Reliable communication: We're very clear on how important it is to address our clients needs.
  • Dedicated team: With the experience to deliver both simple and complex projects.
  • Great value for money: Managing the budget with the client to assist them to get as much as they can, with what they have available.
  • Relationship focused: Guiding our clients while being respectful of their requirements. 


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Tackle Your Project Without The Frustration Of Managing Us...And Be The Only Person You Know To Enjoy The Experience!

Construction is  just the most wonderfully strange thing. You either love it or you don't. there is no in between. Why? Because as argous as the process is a completed projects is addictive and hugely rewarding.

Finding and selecting a good contractor isn't easy let alone finding a great one. Well, you just did. You found our construction company, and we're so glad you're here.

Projects fail because there's an industry challenge and your project could get caught in the middle. It's quite simple. The big companies don't do smaller projects and the small guys don't have the experience/ capacity to deliver mid-cap projects. That's why we're positioned perfectly under R65m. 

Most contractors jump at the opportunity to build any size project without realising that a R30m project is a very different animal to a R20m project.  It is not just a plug and play. The variables increase. The complexity increases exponentially and your dream contractor fails . We love construction, and that's what we've specialized in for over 20 years.  We've done big, small, very old and brand new for a very particular reason...we maintain relationships at all costs. Therefore we have the right attitudes,  skill-set and experience to deliver on what we say we can do.   

We’re about breaking moulds and building structures filled with effort, smiles and cool project memories. We’re about lasting relationships. We don't cut corners because building is a science. We build cool things and deliver on the vision because nothing beats good design executed by an intellectually invested team.  We build just the way it's supposed to be done. We've found new accountability in the most unlikely of places, our children. No parent wants to show their child a poorly built project in 20 years time. As much as it's your project, it's our legacy plastered into the walls. Of which we take it very seriously. 

If you're eager to start building but you're dreading the experience. Or you've heard the nightmare stories about dodgy contractors we'd really appreciate the opportunity to impress you.     

Unit 1, Pendoring Office Park, 299 Pendoring Road, Blackheath, Gauteng

Unit 5, Sneezewood Park, 2 Sneezewood lane, Glen Anil, Durban